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"Chloe" - Eggbound Cockatiel
Chloe from the side


When Mrs Johnson became aware of her pet Cockatiel squatting on the floor of its cage looking very lethargic and subdued she clearly knew that there was a problem.

Telephone advice from our practice soon advised her that she should bring "Chloe", the patient, in to see us immediately.

My colleague Geraldine was quick to make a tentative diagnosis of "egg binding".

As a consequence of too much egg production
the patient's calcium levels can drop to a dangerously low level which if not treated promptly can be fatal.

"Chloe" was injected with calcium and admitted to our own incubator in an effort to raise her temperature. Occasionally this is sufficient to allow the affected patient to then expel the egg.

Unfortunately, Chloe liked to hang on to hers for a bit longer. After a few hours when nothing had been passed it was decided by my other colleague Ingrid to anaesthetise "Chloe" and confirm our tentative diagnosis with radiography.

An x-ray easily identified the problem as a large egg lodged within the lower oviduct. With "Chloe" now anaesthetised Ingrid, using some special lubricant, was able to gently ease the egg from its owner.

All our female professional staff gave a large sympathetic sigh of relief. I of course was at the other end holding Chloe's wing for comfort. "Chloe" was quick to recover with quite a load off her mind, eggsactly what she needed!

Chloe's egg
Chloe's egg

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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