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"Maggie" - Cat, End of a long life


Making the decision to end your pets life is a highly emotive dilemma. Knowing that you are alleviating suffering can help to rationalise that choice. However, where pain is not the primary concern and evaluating the "quality of life" of a companion is the yardstick by which that calculation is made can often leave owners greatly troubled.

Counselling owners on this matter can occur on a daily basis for veterinary surgeons and determining the right outcome is unique to each and every case.

Last week I had to support my wife in concluding that this was the right decision for her much loved cat, Maggie, who had been her companion for almost 19 years. This was never a moment that either of us had wished but on reflection was entirely appropriate.

There is some comfort in recognising the full life that she led and by burying her in the garden beneath some freshly planted snowdrops we will be reminded of her presence in the years to come.


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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