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Fairfield Veterinary surgeons Terry Dunne and Geraldine Young write "Interesting Pet Stories" articles for the Hinckley Herald, published by the Hinckley Times.

View our Pet Stories below from dogs, cats and all kinds of other pets and wildlife. The stories are all genuine cases from the Fairfield archives.
Warning: Some images may be upsetting for some viewers.

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"George" - English Setter Puppy needs a Healthy Environment

I will often try to explain to owners when their pet is unwell that the treatment we provide, whether medical or surgical, is all about trying to create an environment where the patient can heal itself. The concept of altering an unhealthy environment to a healthier one in a disease or injury situation is simple enough.

Unfortunately, there is often a lack of emphasis with regard to pyschological environment or behaviour in an otherwise healthy individual. This is particularly important when nurturing a newly acquired puppy. The idea of providing a healthy environment for growth and development applies just as importantly to behaviour as it does to physical health. The buzz phrases in the canine counselling world are all about appropriate and inappropriate reward. What many owners fail to appreciate is that inadvertently they are often rewarding undesirable behaviour.

With a face as appealing as "George", a 12 week old English Setter, it is not difficult to understand why owners can often be trained by their pets rather than the other way around. This crucial development phase is often overlooked and is an issue we try to address at Fairfield when we see pups for their vaccinations and again when they return for their adolescent check up. A big investment in time and effort in those formative months can pay huge dividends in the years ahead particularly on subsequent visits to the vets!

Despite the experience of being injected twice, I am optimistic that "George" and I will develop an "understanding" in the future that I am here to help!
I have been very frustrated at the poor development of my grapevine over the last three years. Despite feeding, watering, mulching and generally pleading for a better harvest I finally discovered last week underneath all that mulch that I had neglected to remove the name tag at the base of the plant in it's formative stage. Consequently, the stalk had become stunted at the point of restriction. I have since removed the "tourniquet" and am hoping that like "George" all will be forgiven in the productive years ahead.......................a healthy growing environment indeed!

Terry Dunne

"Jack" - Dalmation with Mast Cell Tumour
"Betty" - Hamster with hair loss.

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