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Fairfield Veterinary surgeons Terry Dunne and Geraldine Young write "Interesting Pet Stories" articles for the Hinckley Herald, published by the Hinckley Times.

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"Ruso" - Greyhound with Fracture of Central Tarsal Bone

Greyhounds are the olympic athletes of the canine world. Unlike so many pedigree breeds where the principal selection criteria for breeding has been how a dog may look, greyhounds have been selected on their ability to function. That requirement to perform as a highly achieving runner means that, just as in humans, their physical attributes are tested to the limit and beyond.

Highly successful athletic competitors will realise that developing their physique in training is walking a very fine line between success and injury. The orthopaedic frame of muscles, bones and joints is a marvellous dynamic structure that is constantly altering and adjusting to meet the demands of the physical effort imposed upon it. Providing that is, it is allowed time to do so! Should the stress and strain become too much for any particular tissue that is not given time to adapt then it will fail.

Greyounds are only ever run in anti-clockwise direction around the track. Consequently, injuries to the right side of the body which is the main driving force around the track differ to those on the left side which have to withstand a more twisting turning action.

One of the more common and specific injuries that we see as in Ruso's case is the fracture of a bone in the right hock or ankle region known as the central tarsal bone. Subjected to terrific stresses and pressures around the corners of the track this bone will often splinter and can end a racing dog's career. It can be seen from the radiographs that such was the damage that Ruso experienced that almost 1 cm of bone was lost as a result of the debilitating injury.

Whilst for many racing dogs this can spell not only the end of their racing career but also their life, Ruso was most fortunate to be adopted by Mr and Mrs Lockley, genuine greyhound lovers and enthusiasts. So not only does Ruso get the very best of care that they can provide but also a very enjoyable retirement after his eventful career.

Terry Dunne

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