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It is not uncommon for clients to recommend to me a variety of "treatments and remedies" that have helped them and their pets overcome a number of different illnesses and ailments. Indeed, I am often invited to comment on the likelihood of their contribution to success. Sadly, my response is generally met with a look of disappointment as I will usually have to explain that their hard earned money would have been better spent elsewhere.

With the plethora of panaceas now freely available over the internet the range of products to which my clients and indeed my patients are exposed is phenomenal. Fortunately, in the UK there is a structure whereby "medicines" can only obtain a license or marketing authorisation once they have clearly demonstrated a tangible benefit with an acceptable level of side effects.

At Fairfield, we very much focus on those products which fulfil those criteria and choose not to sell other "remedies" which lack an evidence base. As I often explain "If it was any good, we would sell it to you!"

Recently, I had the opportunity of visiting Lisbon on a short break with my Dad. We were fascinated to discover a number of very small shopfronts selling only one product "Ginjinha" which was extremely popular with the locals for what I could only surmise was due to it's medicinal properties.

Technically speaking this liquor of sour cherries did provide a tangible benefit (warm glow) with an acceptable level of side effects (just) but I am not confident of obtaining the first medicinal license in Hinckley!

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