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My cat "Jimmy" never needs an appointment!

"My pet receives a much better health service than I do" is a phrase that is often quoted by our clients.

As someone whose health, up until recently, has very rarely required the services of the NHS I have always remained very sceptical of the criticisms launched in the direction of my medical counterparts. . . . . up until now!

Two weeks ago I walked into the reception/waiting room of my local medical practice. I explained to the receptionist that I had a lump, which in my humble opinion, would be better surgically removed. The staff member explained that I would need an appointment with a doctor before proceeding further."No problem" says I, "could you make me an appointment to see a doctor, please?"
"Nothing available to-day" she replied.
"That's OK, what about to-morrow or even next week," I responded.
"I'm afraid that's not possible either," she said.
"You tell me when is suitable then. When would it suit one of your doctors to see me? I'm flexible," I said.
"You don't understand" she said.
"Clearly not," says I.
"If you want an appointment, you have to phone our number at 8.30am on the morning you require an appointment," she stated.
"Let me get this straight. Despite the fact that I am standing in front of you and you have the appointment diary in front of you I am unable to make an appointment? That doesn't sound very sensible," I suggested.
"That's the system here and there's nothing I can do about it," was her final response.
I walked away scratching my head in disbelief!

In the current financial climate I can understand the need for cutbacks but as someone who thus far has been a net contributor to our National Health Service I am astonished, nay gobsmacked that prospective patients attempting to engage with the medical profession should be confronted with a mechanism which couldn't possibly be construed as anything relating to "patient care". . . . . . or have I missed something?

What would I do if it was my pet, Jimmy?
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