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Fairfield Veterinary surgeons Terry Dunne and Geraldine Young write "Interesting Pet Stories" articles for the Hinckley Herald, published by the Hinckley Times.

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Warning: Some images may be upsetting for some viewers.

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"Archie" - Cat Shot with Airgun

In the current climate, when the human race seems hell bent on blowing each other from the skies it pays to try and keep some perspective to the dramas that unfold in our daily lives. Nevertheless I always feel a little despondent whenever we come across a patient like "Archie" who has been deliberately shot with an airgun pellet.

Whilst neglect is still the most common cause behind the majority of cruelty cases I always find it disturbing that someone should deliberately set out to inflict pain and suffering. This concern regarding the type of people who are capable of animal cruelty has not been lost on the police service. With the current trend of "profiling", convicted criminals may well find that how they treated their pets may have some bearing on their own risk assessment.

The link between animal abuse and subsequent violent crime is now well established. The current RSPCA statistics of a 20% increase in convictions secured for cruelty and over 34,000 cases of animals not getting appropriate veterinary treatment representing an increase of 79% on the previous year do not make pleasant reading.

In 2007 the law relating to the welfare of pets will change. Under the Animal Welfare Act (as it will be known) anyone who is responsible for a pet will have a legal responsibility to meet the five basic welfare needs of pets.

These encompass the basic requirements of animals from appropriate feeding through to ensuring they receive adequate treatment when ill or injured.

For further information the RSPCA website at www.rspca.org.uk is certainly worth a look. Fortunately for Archie he was both insured and owned by someone who has a high regard for his welfare. Consequently, his injury was attended to promptly, the pellet was removed and he is recovering extremely well.

Terry Dunne


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