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Fairfield Pet Stories

Fairfield Veterinary surgeons Terry Dunne and Geraldine Young write "Interesting Pet Stories" articles for the Hinckley Herald, published by the Hinckley Times.

View our Pet Stories below from dogs, cats and all kinds of other pets and wildlife. The stories are all genuine cases from the Fairfield archives.
Warning: Some images may be upsetting for some viewers.

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"Doug" - Licence to Kill

A job well done always leaves a slight glow of satisfaction. I think it should be clear from the photo that this particular cat is licking his lips with some degree of pleasure.

Rescued as a mature Tomcat from an inner city rescue centre he is now "employed" by my very good friends in their efforts to thwart their rising rodent population in the countryside where they live. Concerned at the consequences of poison and the indiscriminate nature of traps they took my advice and "hired" a specialist with a "license to kill!".

Releasing him from an already overpopulated rescue charity he now spends his days and nights fulfilling his potential as a rodent assassin. Early signs have been very encouraging with a considerable number of notches on his foodbowl indicating his prowess at his chosen profession.

His reward for exercising his talents has him living the life most rescue centre cats can only dream about! One week sharing a cage with too many others, the next living a fantasy existence in a cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds!

As Mr Disney once said, "Dreams can come true!"

Terry Dunne

"Harry" - Rock Eater
"Daisy" - Guinea Pig with Polycystic Ovary Syndrom...

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