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"Asterix" - Venerable Cat gets Blood Screening for Dental

Photo of Asterix

Old age comes to us all! Pets are no different, especially when their next birthday is their 20th!

At Fairfield we prefer to believe the alternative adage that "It's not how old you are it's how old you feel". It tends to be this philosophy that we apply when considering anaesthetising any patient of any age.

It is quite possible, and often the case, that a patient younger in years is at considerable risk because of it's general health.


In an effort to identify potential hazards and enable our veterinary and nursing team to respond to them prior to a general anaesthetic routine blood screening is undertaken.

 blood profile image
Asterix's blood profile showing all parameters in normal range
Whilst normal results never guarantee success they can reassure both vet and owner that where a significant gain can be achieved from the procedure to be carried out then the risks involved can be evaluated more objectively.

No owner ever wants to have their pet anaesthetised without good cause and I am no exception. The older that pet the greater the reluctance as I can personally confirm. Rational reason gives way to fear, quite understandably as the notion that your decision may contribute to your pets demise is a legitimate concern.

So, after several months re-examining my own venerable cat, Asterix's, mouth, I finally decided - after obtaining a completely normal blood profile - that his gain from having a dental procedure with extractions would be to his benefit.

The day of his procedure the nurses complained that I was more grumpy than usual, confirming that owners have every right to be anxious when their pet is anaesthetised. However, as both owner and vet in this situation I am extremely pleased to have invested so heavily in such excellent personnel and equipment.

Everything went to plan and Asterix was well recovered that afternoon troughing his food wondering what all the fuss was about! Pets, eh! Who'd have them?

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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