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"Batman" - Cat in Road Traffic Accident

Photo of Batman

As the days shorten and the nights become ever longer, life becomes all the more hazardous for our feline patients...........even those named after superheroes!

The numbers of cats involved in road traffic accidents always increases through the dark days of winter as visibility deteriorates........3 last week! Sadly the costs involved in rebuilding our feline friends can be very considerable.

"Batman" unlike his superhero counterpart "Bruce Wayne" was neither a billionaire nor was he insured which has meant that his owners have had to find the £700 necessary to restore him to good health.

In a number of these cases it may well be that whilst the injuries sustained are not immediately life threatening the costs involved in restoring a patient to full working order can be a major stumbling block.

In this case "Batman" had sustained a debilitating fracture to his left thigh bone just above his knee. Surgery offers the only realistic chance of returning "Batman" to a fully functional feline!

Fortunately, after explaining the situation to his owners I was able to reconstruct his knee with 2 stainless steel pins. After only a short stay in the surgical unit "Batman" is now home recuperating having hopefully learned from his experience that his name doesn't make him invincible ..........having dedicated owners might!


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

Before surgery, pelvis, thigh bone and knee.
Close up of knee - before surgery
Batman's knee before surgery. Close up of square highlighted in the x-ray above.
Xray - after surgery - side view
Batmans knee after surgery, seen from the side, showing the two stainless pins.
Xray - after surgery - front view
Batmans knee after surgery, seen from the front, showing the two stainless pins in a cross so that they won't pull out.



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