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"Charlie" - Cat with Air-Gun Injury

'Tis the season of Goodwill - or so I thought until "Charlie" Batstone of Spa Drive, Sapcote was brought to my surgery after having been missing for 1 week.

It quickly became apparent that "Charlie", a 4 year old male cat, was in a considerable amount of pain with his L hindlimb. Never enthusiastic at the best of times "Charlie" was a touch disgruntled to say the least!!**

pre-operation x-ray showing airgun pellet embedded in knee
Pre-op x-ray

Once admitted and radiographed the cause of his discomfort was all too plain to see.

A gun pellet injury had shattered his lower limb below the knee and had become embedded in the fracture site.

Surgery was required to remove the offending pellet and restabilise the leg.

The pellet had driven a significant amount of skin and fur deep into the wound setting off a very marked inflammatory reaction contributing to the pain and increasing the likelihood of a complicating infection (Osteomyelitis).

Once removed an external/internal fixator was applied to the inside of the tibia to fix the bone fragments in position until they have healed.

Fortunately, this expensive procedure was more affordable since "Charlie" was insured; unfortunately with all his reconstruction and medication the limit of £500 was comfortably exceeded.

A point worth bearing in mind to all those owners who are buying their pet "health insurance" for Christmas this year.

Like so many other things available to-day check to see what you're spending your money on!

If it looks unbelievably cheap there's probably a good reason!

Post-op x-ray

"Charlie" certainly thinks he is worth spending money on this Christmas! And if anyone has any information to help the local police with their ongoing enquiry into this incident "Charlie" would be only too purrleased to help "collar" the individual concerned!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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