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"Haley" - Cat with Dislocated Foot
Photo of Haley

In March of this year "Haley" an 11 year old cat was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer.

Since then her owner Mrs Strutt has ensured that she has received her chemotherapy tablet medication regularly and given her plenty of TLC. Consequently, Haley has made excellent progress and anyone who was not aware of her illness would not be able to tell.

She is in fact so well in herself that she sometimes attempts to do more than she should!

A few weeks ago "Haley" appeared at the surgery before her scheduled check up. She had tried to make a leap well beyond her capabilities and landed very badly on her left hindleg.

It was very apparent on examination by the horrible angle that the leg was positioned that this was a serious orthopaedic injury.

Mrs Strutt did not hesitate in having "Haley" admitted for treatment.

Whilst she did have a terminal illness her current quality of life was such that if we could rectify the problem quickly we could allow her to enjoy herself for a little longer.

view of Haley's "before" x-ray with circle showing section being magnified  magnified view of damaged joint

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X-rays confirmed a badly dislocated foot.

The secret to success is to "pop" the joint back into place as soon after the injury as possible. A reduction procedure like this requires a degree of brute strength and determination.

Whilst the noise which occurs as the joint "pops" back into place is music to my ears it generally will cause the work experience students to faint!

view of "after" x ray with circle showing area to be magnified  magnified view of repaired joint

Post-reduction x-ray


A post reduction x-ray is vital to ensure that everything has gone back into place before applying any supportive dressings.

I am glad to say that "Haley" is continuing to thrive and all appears to be going well.

Whilst I have tried to convince "Haley" that she should try and take things a little easier she is adamant that she will live life to the full!!

Ah well, at my age if you can't beat them............!


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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