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"Posh Paws " - Cat - Sub Total Colectomy
Photo of Poshpaws

"Posh Paws" the cat was involved in a serious road traffic accident almost 5 years ago.

At the time he sustained multiple injuries to his pelvis. As a result his pelvic canal became narrowed.

Consequently, in recent years he has had increasing difficulties in passing motions - necessitating repeated enemas in order to clear his constipation.

This procedure is never pleasant, other than the sense of relief that is felt by both patient and vet when it is over......especially on Christmas day!

Laxatives and a variety of dietary changes were no help. "Posh Paws" is not renowned for his co-operation in taking his medicine.

The increasing difficulty and frequency which "Posh Paws" painful problem presented meant that we had to find a different solution.

Breaking the pelvis again and opening up the pelvic canal could have been one answer but the difficulties and complications involved meant that I took a different option.

Instead of widening the pelvic canal we decided to try and make his faecal motions smaller and softer. This would enable them to be passed without difficulty.

A surgical procedure was performed where I removed practically all of his large bowel (sub total colectomy). This part of the intestine is where most of the fluid that we consume is reabsorbed.

By limiting the reabsorption of fluid the faecal motion remains smaller and significantly softer allowing it to be passed. Whist this complex and expensive surgery is not without risk it was decided to proceed in this case because of how miserable "Posh Paws" had become.

Fortunately, the outcome has been extremely satisfactory now that "Posh Paws" has a load off his mind!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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