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"Tigger" - Cat with Multiple Injuries

Photo of Tigger


"Tigger" was hit by a car in Derbyshire crushing his pelvis and breaking his ankle.

He was taken to a nearby vet practice who attempted a repair of the fractured ankle.

Later his owners, concerned by his lack of progress, took him to see a Leicestershire vet.

Having had the opportunity to survey his radiographs and see the extent of the damage the second vet practice recognised that they were not equipped to tackle his problems, but they knew a man who could! It was at this point that Tigger and I became acquainted.

When dealing with multiple injuries and previously unsuccessful procedures it is important to prioritise and set out a plan of action. Costs are always a consideration and the risk of unseen complications can escalate these further.Fortunately, Tigger's owners understood what had to be done to put Tigger back together.

The first operation involved removing all the implants that the first vet had used!

Secondly, the crushed pelvis had to be reassembled to reopen the pelvic inlet and ease Tiger's discomfort.

Thirdly, the ankle had to be reconstructed to allow Tigger to walk again on this leg. New implants had to be inserted.

Fortunately, for all concerned surgery went extremely well. The operating theatre can be a very tense environment until that post op x-ray confirms that everything is in the right place.

The nursing staff were able to sigh with relief! Tigger's recovery was slightly longer than anticipated when it became apparent that he had sustained some nerve damage to his ankle.

Two months later, however and Tigger is good as new, testimony to the fact that young cats' ability to recover from the most heinous injuries remains something to marvel at each and every time it occurs!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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