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"Tommy" - Cat with Meningioma
Photo of Tommy walking towards thebcamera

Tommy, before surgery.


If there is one thing for sure, nothing is ever certain! I certainly didn't anticipate writing an article about "Tommy" Raske - a 2 year old "moggie".

Over the preceding months "Tommy" had developed progressively worse seizures or fits. Despite a very long list of blood tests we were unable to determine a diagnosis. Therapy aimed at controlling the fits had to be steadily increased. The situation appeared to be deteriorating rapidly.

"Tommy's" owners were having to use medication administered per rectum to break the fitting cycle. We had reached a crisis point and even discussed bringing "Tommy's " problems to an end through euthanasia.

Despite this we considered one more option. That was to refer "Tommy" to the UK's finest veterinary neurologist - Geoff Skerritt in Chester.

An emergency appointment was arranged and we kept him stable over the next few days until he was transferred to Chester where he would have an MRI scan.It was, as they say very, "Touch and Go!"

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique that uses a strong magnetic field and pulses of radiofrequency energy to cause tissues to emit characteristic energy signalsThe MRI computer converts the signal intensity to varying shades of grey in the image. MRI scans are much more sensitive for detecting disease processes in the head and spine than standard radiography.

As luck would have it, a brain tumour (meningioma) was diagnosed.These are the most commonly reported brain tumours in cats over 9 years of age.

Tommy's operation to remove the offending lesion was extremely successful and he has recovered very well................ although the Times crossword is still giving him some difficulty!

Even Mr Skerritt commented on how rare it was for "Tommy" to have developed a meningioma at such a young age. One thing is for certain that if "Tommy" didn't have such dedicated owners he wouldn't be here now!

MRI scan of Tommy's head

MRI scan of Tommys head.
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Tommy, after surgery


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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