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"Fudge" - Springer Spaniel with Traumatic Uveitis


If there is one dog breed that is very aptly named it is the Springer Spaniel. "Fudge" is a perfect example of this extremely active dog and also illustrates why they often require a "season ticket" for the vet!

Exercising last week at her usual speed she banged her eye against a branch. Concerned at how uncomfortable she became afterwards her owners brought her to see me at Fairfield.

It was soon apparent that she had developed traumatic uveitis. The most striking symptom in association with the redness and blepharospasm (blinking) is the constricted pupil. The presence of this clinical sign alerts us to the possibility of more serious consequences than a more straightforward conjunctivitis.

The pupil appears very small compared to the other normal eye because the iris muscle has become inflamed and swollen.

In the same manner that an athlete should have massage and physiotherapy on a "muscle strain" certain drugs are used in the eye to both minimise the swelling and stretch the iris muscle to prevent any permanent scarring or adhesions.

Fortunately, for Fudge there was no evidence of any bleeding within the eye chamber which can significantly affect the final outcome. Despite our initial concerns with this active patient her longterm prognosis is excellent allowing her to fully recover from this particular episode. However, we will be keeping her admission's form handy......until the next time!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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