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"Harry" Crossbreed with Splenic Tumour


Every now and again a case will come along which leaves, even me, shaking my head in disbelief! "Harry" was one such case!

Originally presented to my colleague, with what appeared to be a relatively straightforward enteritis, Michel was quick to realise that there was much more amiss with "Harry" than just a "stomach upset!" Following further investigation from the Fairfield team it was clear that there was something seriously abnormal in "Harry's" abdomen.

Blood results indicated a severe anaemia. "Harry" was losing a tremendous amount of blood internally. After securing the assistance of "Zara" who selflessly donated blood for "Harry" an exploratory operation was performed. After a considerable amount of time and effort Michel and I were able to remove a splenic tumour weighing over 3kg from Harry's abdomen.

Considering "Harry" started the procedure weighing in at only 18kg you can appreciate that within the space of a few hours "Harry" had lost 17% of his entire bodyweight. Incredibly the tumour has been confirmed as benign and in time he should make a complete recovery.

Normally “Harry’s” spleen should act as a reservoir for red blood cells which can be released at short notice if required. Instead this monstrous splenic tumour was acting as “bottomless pit” entombing the red blood cells and preventing them from being released back into the circulation. “Harry’s” red blood cell count was 15 when it should have been in the range of 38-57.

Without the co-operation of “Zara”, the blood donor, (and her owner) “Harry’s situation would have been very much worse. As for “Harry”, he is simply wondering what all the fuss is about, although he has noticed that he seems to have a lot more room for dinner!


Massive splenic tumor fills the
entire abdominal cavity


Splenic tumor weighing 3kg!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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