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"Jade" - Springer Spaniel with Damaged Claw


Last week I stubbed my toe on the bottom stair in my house. Anyone who might have been in earshot would have been left in no doubt, despite my Northern brogue, that I was having an excruciatingly painful experience. The neighbours may be relieved to hear that no-one died during the incident.

I was therefore very sympathetic to "Jade" who limped into my consulting room on Saturday. Not only had poor "Jade" stubbed her toe but she had knocked her claw so that it was left at a very unnatural angle. Still firmly attached, the broken end was digging into her raw and exposed quick.


Removal of the offending claw was what was needed and quickly. Modern potent sedatives allow us to administer the drug intravenously so that within seconds Jade is practically unconscious and pain free. This then allows us to perform the relatively straightforward procedure of removing the broken claw, trimming the ends and cauterising any capillary bleeding.

Once completed "Jade" then receives a second drug which acts as an antidote to the sedative. Within minutes "Jade" is up and ready to walk home only this time pain free!

I did make a mental note that even when first presented with her debilitating digit her stoicism put me to shame. I think I'll need to start wearing thicker socks!


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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