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"Kee Kee " - Labrador Emigrating to New Zealand

Photo: KeeKee



Since the relaxation of the quarantine laws there has been considerable interest in the processes involved regarding Pet Passports and taking your pets on holiday to Europe, particularly France. Microchipping and rabies protection are the main hurdles to overcome as well as the usual form filling. However deciding to emigrate to New Zealand with your dog is altogether a different prospect.


The very tight restrictions imposed by New Zealand in order to limit the introduction of disease are legendary. A friend on holiday there last year nearly incurred a large fine for arriving with an apple in his luggage! A sniffer dog discovered the "contraband" at customs which was left over from an on flight snack. Whilst this protection of their indigenous flora and fauna may appear overzealous the threat of "fruitfly" and the subsequent devastation of farmer's crops is genuine enough.

"KeeKee" - whose future lies "down under" will have to be tested for Brucellosis, Leptospirosis, Ehrlichiosis, Hookworm and Heartworm as well as receiving routine treatments for various other worms and external parasites prior to departure.

Additionally, as a result of a previously diagnosed heart abnormality "KeeKee's" owners took the additional precaution of having her heart analysed by a cardiac specialist to ensure that she was fully fit for the long journey. If all those steps appear daunting it is worth bearing in mind that transport costs alone for "KeeKee" to New Zealand are in excess of £2000!.......a popular dog indeed!

Given the similarity of scenery in Scotland I wonder whether KeeKee's owners have considered the cheaper option North!


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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