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"Lucky" - GSD Cross with Lung Cancer
Photo: Lucky

Unlike so many of our previous featured patients the final outcome for "Lucky" Woodcock is extremely poor. Unfortunately for her she has a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer.

Originally presented by her owner due to the development of a cough it gradually became clear that her condition was far more serious than any form of a respiratory infection.A poor response to initial therapy, X-rays and finally a needle biopsy confirmed our suspicions that she had a terminal illness.

At almost 16 years of age Lucky has been just so! Treasured by her owner she has been a faithful and devoted companion. She has a beautiful temperament, has always been a pleasure to examine in my consulting room and is a dog I would be glad to own myself.

Nevertheless, her condition is such that palliative treatment is all we can sensibly offer to make her remaining months as comfortable as possible. Certainly, at present that level of comfort is extremely high.

As a veterinary surgeon, unlike my medical colleagues, I am privileged to be able to end her suffering should that situation arise. The key to performing that task is all about exercising that privilege to Lucky's advantage, ensuring that her quality of life is kept to an acceptable level until we are no longer able to do so. In the meantime Lucky and her owner can concentrate on maximising the enjoyment that remains.

I also have no doubt that when the time comes Lucky's owner will be able to make that decision on Lucky's behalf. Is Lucky aptly named............of that I am in no doubt.

Photo: x-ray
Lucky's x-ray


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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