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"Ozzy" - Labrador with Peritonitis


Anybody who owns a Labrador (myself included) will know that there is one thing that is more important than anything else in their! My own Labrador would eat anything, given half a chance. In fact, I often joke that the day he turns his nose up at his dinner will probably be the day he dies!

Ozzy, a young Labrador, was recently acquired from a rescue centre. As is so often the case with Labs, he was overweight! His new owners were diligent and immediatly put Ozzy onto a diet to slim him down.In a relatively short space of time, and much to Ozzy's disdain, their strict regime had slimmed him down from a portly 40Kg to an excellent 30Kg.


However, Ozzy mysteriously went off his food and suddenly started to lose more weight for no apparent reason (very unusual for a Labrador!). He started to vomit and was in a lot of discomfort in his abdomen.

He was admitted, put onto a drip and X-rayed. It became apparent that there was something very wrong going on inside him, and an exploratory operation was performed to see exactly what this was.

We rapidly discovered that Ozzy had been up to no good in true Labrador style, and had devoured a wooden lollipop stick! Unfortunately for him, the stick had perforated his small intestine, and he had a life threatening infection where his bowel contents had leaked into his abdomen - peritonitis.

The intestine was repaired and his abdomen was lavaged to try to get rid of as much of the debris as possible. He than remained in hospital on a drip and intravenous antibiotics for several days, before eventually getting his appetite back and being well enough to go home (just in time for Christmas).

Fortunately for Ozzy, he has made a full recovery, and he is now much more approving of the advice from his vets, as - for the first time in my career where a Labrador is concerned - I am telling his owner's to feed him more to put the weight back on him!

But he has obviously not learned his lesson - His owner recently told me that Ozzy stole and ate half a tin of Quality Street chocolates (wrappers and all) over Christmas!

Geraldine Young BVSc CertSAM MRCVS.

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