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"Pebbles" - Tibetan Terrier with Broken Toe


Pebbles, a Tibetan Terrier, had a history of corns (an extremely painful area of thickened skin which can form on your feet). The sensation of which could be likened to “ having a stone in your shoe”. They had been successfully removed on several previous occasions by my colleague Terry Dunne.

After repeated bouts of regrowth it was finally decided to “cut” Pebbles’ losses and amputate the affected digit. Consequently, Pebbles has remained trouble free for several years.

On Tuesday, Pebbles had to visit the Fairfield Veterinary Centre again as two days earlier she became suddenly very lame on her left front foot, exactly the same foot as had been affected previously. The owner was extremely concerned that it could be a recurrence of the same problem and the prospect of further amputation was a genuine worry.

Despite her unique history, the more common causes of acute lameness had to be excluded first. So I started shaving her fur in between her toes to make sure there were no wounds caused by thorns or other sharp objects. The only thing I found to be of clinical significance was an area of marked pain and inflammation around the outer toe.

Because of the severe pain I decided to take an X-ray to check for further diagnostic information. And guess what.... One of her toes had a beautiful fracture! A “lucky” break you might say as her long term future was now excellent with an appropriate supportive dressing and she would be keeping her remaining toes!

Michèle Lampens, MVM, MRCVS

Photo of x-ray

X-ray showing previous amputation and fresh fracture.

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