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"Romany" - Cocker Spaniel with Lymphatic Cancer



It has been brought to my attention, on more than one occasion (usually at the point of an elbow) that I occasionally snore. So it was with some sympathy that I greeted my patient "Romany" who had been brought to me by his owners with exactly that complaint.

Having now reached middle age and gained a few pounds it did occur to me that perhaps "Romany" and I were simply succumbing to an age related disorder! It never occurred to me, at least initially, that "snoring" could ever be considered a life threatening condition................ although my wife begs to differ!


After a careful examination with fine strands of cotton wool, I became increasingly concerned that the airflow out of "Romany's" nostrils might well be reduced. That together with the relatively sudden onset of the snoring heightened my concerns and "Romany" was admitted for further investingation and x-rays.

Once sedated and being able to retract his soft palate at the back of his throat with a surgical instrument it became clear that a large pink mass of tissue had started to grow at the base of "Romany's" nose causing air turbulence and hence the snoring. Fine needle aspirate biopsies confirmed that "Romany" did in fact have cancer of the lymphatic system, an invariably fatal disease if left untreated.

After careful discussion with his owners "Romany" began treatment and his snoring disappeared within a few days of therapy. Several months on and "Romany" continues to thrive and is able to enjoy a restful sleep for himself and his owners!

Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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