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"Saffy" - Cairn Terrier Adolescent Health Check


Few things in life are ever guaranteed! Our main aim is simply to improve the odds in our favour.

Hence the main advantage in buying a pedigree dog is to ensure specific physical characteristics and a tendency for temperament type. Thus Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are never likely to be used as guard dogs and anyone expecting a quiet life when buying a Springer Spaniel should contemplate further their very appropriate name!

Whilst most clients can see for their own eyes what they are getting for their money in a dog's appearance less emphasis is directed towards it's temperament type. For me knowing and understanding the temperament of your pet is fundamental to enhancing the pleasure and enjoyment that pet ownership brings.

The recent tragedies involving dogs and children underline the potential dangers of certain breeds but also help to highlight the importance of knowing your own pet's temperament type. Understanding the relationship between pet and owner and being able to successfully communicate the "ground rules" are key to developing a strong positive bond.

To this end, we include an adolescent health check when the puppy is 6 months of age at Fairfield to hopefully identify behavioural tendencies and advise owners accordingly.

Saffy is a Cairn Terrier and as such she was originally bred to be tenacious, confident and equipped to dispatch small mammals with the minimum of fuss. Whilst all these "attributes" may be packaged into a smaller and more manageable size than her original ancestors her temperament type remains the same. Consequently, her understanding of the "house rules" are imperative for a positive lifelong relationship with her owner.

Fortunately, her owner has had many years experience of this breed and fully understands their cantankerous capabilities...........especially as they grow older. Whilst Saffy is currently scoring highly at puppy training classes she has yet to appreciate the value and pleasures of being groomed.................a terrier indeed!


Terry Dunne BVMS, Cert SAO, MRCVS

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