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"Lucky" - Our first Internet Patient

In an effort to keep up with modern life I bought my first computer less than 5 years ago from a company which has since gone into liquidation. Whilst the computer industry has been through some turbulent times over the last few years the internet appears to go from strength to strength.

Since I first plugged in my modem in 1998 I have been astonished by the "information highway" and what it has to offer. Throughout those years I have used this invaluable resource to research some of my articles and have made purchases from all over the world buying everything from a "haggis" to a "motor car" and most things in between. . . all of which have been delivered to my front door!

Last week however I had a first. "Lucky" Romanovsky, a male rabbit, became our first ever patient to become registered at the Fairfield Veterinary Centre after an internet enquiry about his health via our website www.fairfield-vets.co.uk .As a result of "Lucky's" e-mail to enquiries@fairfieldvets.co.uk he was advised to consult with Ingrid Segboer our resident lagomorph expert! Concern over an episode of conjunctivitis, which is surprisingly serious in rabbits, was addressed. Additionally, Ingrid is still hopeful that an area of alopecia (baldness) will eventually resolve.

Rabbit ownership is continually increasing with some 4 million rabbits now being kept as pets. As more and more research and development is being carried out and rabbit owners are increasingly educated (Lucky's owners just happen to be teachers!) about the importance of diet and disease prevention the lives of rabbits are hopefully being made more healthy.

Apparently the Bradford Rabbit Show had more than 2,500 entries and some major European shows can attract more than 60,000 rabbits! Those rabbit owners who have internet access should visit www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk for plenty of excellent information and advice.

Sadly not all the information available from the internet is of such good quality and we occasionally have to correct some misinformation that people may have encountered. Whilst many of my contemporaries' hearts sink when a client regales them with "knowledge" they have acquired from the internet I always feel that it demonstrates an owner's interest and concern and generally welcome and encourage people to do so. . . even if I have to put them right on one thing or another! After all, it's my job!!

Terry Dunne


"Tess" - Springer Spaniel with Hip Dyspasia
"Chloe" - Eggbound Cockatiel

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